Countless hours of advising are poured into the relationships that schools and organizations develop in preparing students for the college experience. It is a practical and heartfelt investment that yields invaluable returns. And while your organization holds a special place in the hearts of these scholars and their families, the support available once they are handed off to their new colleges and universities isn’t always well-utilized. 

No matter how expertly you prepared them during their high school years, their first day and term of college will come at them quickly. Suddenly, hundreds of small decisions with cumulative effects must be made. The impact of those decisions and the mindsets that make them will shape the next four (or forty) years of their lives.

The most competitive and thriving college prep programs and organizations regenerate themselves through the learned experiences and participation of dedicated alumni. This is one of the many reasons it is important to maintain a connection with your scholars when they cross the threshold into their undergraduate institutions.  Students who benefit from a supportive and comprehensive transition into higher education are positioned to eventually serve as mentors to the students and families that join the organization after them. 

The unfortunate truth is that some students may be unable to reach their potential as they depart from your program. This is despite the best intentions of the students, their families, and your organization. Why?  Your experience tells you the answer: the typical and sometimes unusual growing pains and transitional adaptation that unfold when a student enters college. 
You’ve no doubt seen it before, even if it’s proven rare. Some of your students do not live into their optimal potential.  As a result, they feel lost and become unsure of their immediate and long term next steps. The momentum of their academic journeys stall and anxiety flourishes. Consequently, your organization loses future donors, potential board members who benefitted from your programs, and other critical roles that are best fulfilled by alumni.

This happens, but it doesn’t have to happen to your scholars or your organization.

We’ve created programming to support the transitional first year of college for your students and families. This opportunity expands your organization’s capacity to offer support and resources to your new high school graduates at no cost to them. The Campus Culture Group’s Alumni Development and Retention Program provides high caliber advising from true college experienced administrators at a fraction of the cost quoted by educational consulting firms. 

Monthly sessions are designed to help students persist through college. College and university consultants provide expertise and critical information through a digital platform.  Tech-savvy students receive accessible, interactive guidance on an ongoing basis, which supports them and facilitates affinity and commitment to your organization. 
Your organization can also opt to have our programming’s data shared with your team to enhance alumni development and donor-focused programming. 

Using email and telephone communication, our organization generates a programming calendar that is easily shared with students and/or their families. Sessions, comprised of webinars, conference calls, and group chat formats, are provided each month. 

After each session, reports are shared with your organization to review the program’s impact in real-time. Each student will receive an annual survey to provide feedback for quality control.

Alumni Development &

Retention Program