3 Ways to a Promotion

January 21, 2019

1.  You can’t move up if they don’t trust you, so you must rebrand yourself.

2.  Quantify how you’ve added value to the business.

3.  If the position is vacant, fill the gap. Don’t wait on a process!


Essentially, as we begin to consider ways we can advance our careers, it all comes down to how reflective we are willing to be with ourselves. Pair self-reflection with the willingness to take a risk and you can go a long way.


A mentor of mine used to have his entire team apply for jobs each summer. The reason for this was for them to know their value and be able to hold themselves accountable for their career. It allowed for a clear line of communication about opportunities, but it also allowed for a culture that valued growth.


I’m not saying that everyone needs to have an ascending aspirational philosophy, but I’m encouraging you to find joy in your career.  


If you’d like to put your situation under the microscope, let me know. We enjoy having conversations with people who are trying to find out how they can create opportunities right where they are. https://www.campusculturegroup.com/book-online//



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The Campus Culture Group

We are ready to help you along your educational or professional journey, through advising, coaching, and mentoring. College or Career, we are here!


The campus culture group is committed to seeing students of all backgrounds excel in college. We believe we can accomplish that by educating parents, caregivers, and institutions to be effective supports for their students.


We believe that empowering professionals to work on themselves as they work with our students will refresh a network of committed professionals to  vibrant careers.


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