Retained Advising 

This approach combines all of our services together for a fixed annual rate. Included within this package is a monthly bundle of direct on-call advising hours for urgent and critical matters. Training workshops are provided quarterly as agreed. 

Project Management & Consulting

Managing change or implementing a new programmatic approach can reveal blind spots requiring short-term support and leadership. Our team is ready to meet these needs directly. By providing an inclusive approach of constituent buy-in, we can optimize the human capital involved without compromising community and belonging. 

Inclusive Leadership Curriculum

We start at the top. Organizations committed to deep equity and diversity work should demonstrate their own growth. In prioritizing leadership teams' development, our firm increases the value of diversity initiatives by building cultural competency at the executive level. This approach engages in monthly workshops and one on one assessments of each member of the executive team. Subsequent training is then held after leadership can demonstrate an expanded capacity. 

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