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Transforming Privilege

4 Sessions

4 Hours Each Session

Leaders focused on truth and justice have to recognize the privileges that come with race, class, and gender. These dynamics all collide within the workplace. The Transforming Privilege training unpacks the dynamics of whiteness and how its customs and norms impact workplace performance. 

This training is designed to help participants build their confidence and capacities to identify and talk productively with others about white privilege, and even more importantly, to take actions to reduce or mitigate its consequences. This training was created by three organizations: MP Associates, The Center for Assessment and Policy Development (CAPD), and World Trust Educational Services, with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. 

Resolving Racial Conflict

2 Sessions

90 Minutes Each

"Doing the work" of equity and inclusion can often derail itself by poorly defining outcomes and meeting norms that incorporated discussions of race. In this workshop, we provide case studies to observe ways professionals can hold themselves and others accountable for dialogue that resolves the conflict in the workplace. Conflict presents itself in the form of unprocessed microaggressions or toxic workplace dynamics. For this workshop, managers must attend a pre-training to examine policies and reporting mechanisms to model proper support structures. 

Activism & Equity in Schools: Taking Charge to Change my Workplace

Half-day Workshop 4.5 Hours

This workshop implements aspects of change management, anti-bias practices, and community organizing to equip educators better to leverage the power of affinity spaces and social movements to build healthy and loving communities. Participants will receive a comprehensive Predictive Index assessment to understand their work style and coaching plan. As resident activists, leaders will return to their schools with strategic priorities to build bridges and measure sustainable change. 

In Los Angeles, CA, workshops will be held during June, July, and August 2022. Register here. 

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