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The Campus Culture Group is committed to seeing organizations succeed by centering the experience of individuals of all backgrounds. We can accomplish that by supporting leaders in how to best marshall resources to be effective supports for their communities.

Christopher S. Dennis
Owner and Principal Consultant

Advocacy and motivation for equity in education, business, and social justice are the professional strengths and personal priorities of Christopher S. Dennis.  


A founding consultant of the Campus Culture Group, he most recently served as the Director of Equity and Diversity at the Collegiate School of New York. This role followed his appointment as Associate Dean of Students and Director of Case Management at Scripps College in Claremont, CA, and Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. In each role, Christopher has remained engaged with students in and beyond the classroom. His most relevant experience includes faculty and staff recruitment, NCAA Division I and II coaching and recruitment, enrollment management, international relations, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, as well as outcomes-driven program design and policy adherence. 


His professional journey began at Concordia University in Saint Paul, Minnesota as a program supervisor in the Student of Color Retention Program and an instructor in the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center with the Urban Education Summer Scholar Program. In these positions, Christopher helped urban learners identify their strengths and use their innate resiliency to maximize and ensure success in higher education.  A two-time graduate, it was at Concordia University that he earned his B.A. in Kinesiology and his M.S. in Organizational Management before obtaining his M.Ed in Higher Education Administration and Policy at the University of California, Riverside (UCR).

As an undergraduate admissions counselor at both Concordia and the (UCR), Christopher conducted outreach to urban students and helped them realize their post-secondary education goals. He also acted as a mentor to students in need of more extensive guidance and advocacy. As an assistant football coach and athletic recruiter, Christopher leveraged core values of organized sports, such as discipline and time management, to exhibit how habits learned on the field could translate into success in the classroom. This resulted in many urban student-athletes recognizing their innate potential as scholars.

Christopher then leveraged his graduate study to bolster his expertise and hone his passion for the latest educational theories and practices. As an adjunct faculty member in counseling and administration at Moreno Valley College, he again utilized his role to aid a wide range of students pursuing higher education. Transitioning from recruitment to retention, Christopher supported scholars in identifying additional methods and strategies to meet their educational milestones and challenges.


Additionally, he has spent a decade advancing diverse student access and equity in Southern California through organizations such as A Better Chance, Inc., and has served on the boards of the National Black MBA Association’s L.A. chapter and Project Onyx Youth Leadership Institute. He is a current Academy of the Mind Charter School board member and a dedicated advocate for inclusive school communities. 

Adrian P. Perryman
Aaron Taylor
Director of Career Development

Born and raised in St. Paul, Adrian is a proud and engaged member of the community. He earned his bachelor’s and master's degree from Concordia University in Communication Studies and Strategic Communication Management respectively.


After spending 11 years in higher education in College Admissions and Academic Advising he transitioned to Genesys Works as the College and Career Success Program Manager.


Adrian currently sits on the St Paul Planning Commission, is one of the organizers of the annual Central Honors Philando Celebration, and is a past board member at Hallie Q Brown and St Paul Youth Services. He lives in St Paul’s Hamline Midway neighborhood with his wife and two cats. ​​

Karlos Santos-Coy
Consultant & Coach

Aaron Taylor is a transformative talent acquisition recruiter, most recently with Hennepin County, Aaron holds over ten years of human resource and talent acquisition experience.

As a recruiter, Aaron interfaces with C-Suite executives such as directors, superintendents, and administrators to create diverse recruiting plans to attract top talent from across the nation to fill high-level roles such as directors, program managers, and senior executives.


Aaron also oversees pathway programs that address reducing barriers to suitable employment and creates talent pipelines for the underrepresented communities.


Aaron actively serves on various professional boards, including the University of Minnesota UY Community board and Blessed to Announce. As current President of Minnesota Associate of Colleges and Employers, Aaron leverages his talent acquisition knowledge, networking, and programming skills to help provide recruiting solutions for local recruiting professionals, college career services professionals, and employers.


As Co-Chair of the flagship Employee Resource Group at Hennepin County, he co-led a leadership team providing valuable resources for employees. 


Aaron is an alum of Concordia University in St. Paul, where he received his Master’s in Human Resources Management ’11 and bachelors in marketing and Management. ’04. Aaron currently resides with his wife and family in South Minneapolis.

As a proud first-generation college graduate, Karlos has always understood the value of higher education as a vehicle for upward mobility. He believes deep and reflective learning is a powerful engine driving change in the world, one student, professional, or organization at a time.


During nearly 20 years in higher education administration roles, he has continually advanced inclusion, equity, advocacy, and engaged learning for a diverse array of undergraduate, graduate, and professional constituencies. He's led intergenerational teams through data-informed strategic planning and implementation in support of organizational success at diverse, large public, small private liberal arts, professional graduate schools, and Ivy League institutions.


Utilizing personalized, innovative, and culturally relevant pedagogy, he has helped teams collaborate to work across the organization and within their community. Karlos has earned multiple awards and recognition for his work and is extremely comfortable working with individuals, groups, or presenting to audiences of all sizes.


Karlos earned an MBA from Western Governors University to understand organizations from an enterprise level and have a more significant impact on outcomes for the teams he supports. He received his Bachelor's degree in Social Science from his hometown university, Sacramento State. Karlos lives in Downtown Los Angeles with his wife, Katie, and their rescue dog, Slinky.



Dr. S.G. Coaching Client

Chris has a wonderful ability to discuss any scenario with a sense of openness, knowledge, and grace. There were countless times I came to Chris with not only successes but also in moments that became "sticky" or rather uncomfortable and he was able to help me strategize in those moments with understanding, support, and a sense of safety that is necessary when trying to navigate educational systems. I would tell anyone that Chris will help you be your best self!


Sandy P. Consulting Client

Christopher is a very smart, knowledgeable, and dedicated individual. He provided valuable advice and assistance to me as I navigated the application process for the students at my school.

olueletu-nappy- (6).jpg

Jordan, Corporate Partner

Chris' "open door policy" was my favorite part of working together. His office was open to any member of the community and I would often see students, faculty and staff finding his office a safe haven for joyous laughs or a needed vent session. He has the ability to create space and hold space for people at the best or even not so best moments and he was able to do this for me on many occasions throughout our time working. Working with Chris helps you to not only edify yourself but also challenges and grows your way of thinking. I have always deeply appreciated the resources and self-reflective tools he has shared with me. Overall, he has helped me to live in my truest most authentic self and actualize that in the workplace. I will always be grateful for the work we did together in affinity spaces and how he has grown my ability to help extend safe spaces and grace to others.

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